Trust in Giving this Holiday Season

The season of giving is underway.  And, if you are like most of us, you are receiving a number of solicitations from charities. When people give, they often want assurance that their gift is truly helping someone in need.  Assurance that someone in their community is getting a warm meal, sleeping in a warm bed or getting help they need to rise above their current life circumstances for a better tomorrow.

So, its heartwarming to know that The Salvation Army is one of the most trusted charities in the country according to annual charitable surveys by Russell Research.  With its 150-year history, and its worldwide presence and role in helping people from all walks of life -- every race, religion and culture -- The Salvation Army is a truly giving organization.  In fact, in Michigan, .87 cents of every dollar raised goes directly to help people in need.

Did you know that just $25 helps provide a child with a warm winter coat?  Or that $60 sends a child to summer camp where they participate in healthy outdoor activities and build confidence in themselves?  Or that a donation of $175 helps reconnect families through the Harbor Light drug and alcohol treatment program?

When crisis strikes – whether it is a hurricane or a flood or other natural or weather disaster - The Salvation Army can always be counted on to be there on-site, helping victims of the disaster with immediate and longer term needs for food, clothing and shelter.

So as we enter this season of giving, let’s make it a prosperous one full of promise for the hungry, the homeless and the less fortunate.  It doesn’t matter how much you give, but how much you open your heart this season.


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