Need a Prayer Today?

Life is tough sometimes.  Maybe you are struggling with stress at work or within your family.  Or, maybe you are juggling school and work and trying to make ends meet.  Perhaps you are struggling with a very personal challenge and feel like the world is against you.

We all know life can be overwhelming at times.  Do you ever wish you could have a little divine intervention?   Well, you can.  Did you know that The Salvation Army of Eastern Michigan has a “request a prayer” section on its Website?  All you have to do is go to our Web page and request a prayer.  It is as simple as that and it’s confidential.

The Salvation Army offers weekly devotion time and will pray for anyone who requests it -- and it’s free.  No strings attached.

So, if you are feeling a little blue, help is out there for anyone in need of a little spiritual support – regardless of your religious affiliation.  Your request can be anonymous or you can even sign up for a member of our pastoral staff to contact you.

In a world filled with so much conflict it is nice to know that you can always find a bit of kindness in the world.

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