Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Jan 25, 2013

            The world seems like a cold, cruel place these days. With all the uncertainty surrounding the world economy, unsettled politics and general anxiety and unrest in our lives, stress can at times run our lives. Often times we can become so focused on our own daily struggles that we overlook the suffering of others. Out of sight, out of mind has become far to common a mindset in our world.

            That is why the Salvation Army’s Bed and Bread Club® Radiothon takes place every year in February, to bring to sight a good, simple way for us to help others. February 22 marks the 26th anniversary of this important event. The Salvation Army is the greatest financial support for the Bed and Bread Club®, which feeds nearly 1.8 million and shelters more than 167,000 annually.

            The Bed and Bread Club® brings a silver lining to a dark world for many. 5,000 hot meals served to children, adults and elders every day and the 600 people comfortably sheltered every night warm and rest those who cannot afford food or heated shelter.

            Now you may say to yourself “I’m strapped for cash as it is. Why should I give my hard earned money to someone else?” The simple answer to that question is “because it’s worth it.” The feeling you will get brightening the life of a young, hungry and cold boy or girl is unmatched. Maybe your small donation of $10 per month or $120 per year will save the lives of thousands or simply make them more bearable.

            Don’t forget that your donation matters. As many as 17 million or one in four children nationally suffer from food insecurity, lacking the enough of or the proper amount of nutritious food to live a healthy lifestyle. Your small donation would change that. 1.6 million children are impacted by homelessness. Your small donation would change that,

            Be a difference maker. Be a leader. Encourage your family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and community members to join you in fighting hunger and homelessness and making the future of many children have hope and meaning. 

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