Tweets for Treats!

Feb 15, 2013

Communication is different in today’s world. In the past, families would sit around the dining room table and discuss the day’s events or they would watch their evening programs in the living room and laugh along with one another. Today, we’re lucky if we can have dinner together and time in the living room is spent on smart phones or laptops. Is the way we communicate today better or worse than it has been in the past? I guess the answer to that question is really a matter of opinion.

            Some might say that technology and social media is hindering us from communicating properly with one another. I would argue that it is just a different type of communication and not necessarily lacking in quality. Have you ever noticed a group in public, perhaps sitting at a restaurant table? They may all be on their phones at once then begin to laugh at the same time. The reason for this is because they probably saw a funny picture on cute picture on Instagram or a funny video on YouTube. Now is this humor any different than an older couple at that same restaurant laughing over a joke they had just shared with each other? Not really. We are communicating the same emotion, just by different means.

            That is why it is so important to be capable and creative when using social media today. If you fail to be conversational on social mediums, you may be missing out on social networking opportunities for jobs, products and relationships. Conversation is the centerpiece for social media, just as it is for families around the dining room table.

            Here at the Salvation Army we understand conversation is important and so are values. That is why this year for our 2nd annual Tweetathon we are looking for conversation in all our tweets for entertainment purposes and the #bedandbread for value purposes. Every time some includes #bedandbread in their tweet, Ford Motor Co. will donate $3 to our Bed and Bread Club®, which helps feed 5,000 people a day and helps shelter 400 people a night.

            On Friday, February 22 it is important that we all join together and “tweet the day away”. Every 40 tweets will help feed ONE PERSON FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! This doesn’t cost you any money personally, yet you can still make a difference. Let’s use social media for what it should be used for, helping those in need and keeping everyone informed on important issues and topics.

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