It Takes a Village

Jan 29, 2013

There are many reasons people give. Some people give because their parents gave and some give to support civil rights and the environment. In a study conducted by the Nathan Cummings Foundation, it was found that wealthy
young donors are more focused tan their parents and grandparents on seeing a measurable impact with their giving. Yet today, it feels as though people are giving less to the arts, religious groups and health causes
      The Atlas for Giving, and independent forecasting service, believes giving in 2013 will only rise 1.6% from last year, which would make it one of the worst fundraising years in five decades. The organization made its forecast based on expectations for the stock market tumble, the unemployment rate to remain high and increases in payroll taxes and health insurance costs, all of which would lower potential contributions.
      All that being said, the Salvation Army continues to do the most good at many levels. Nationally, the Army has been assisting the regional offices of Housing and Urban Development and other volunteers in a mass effort to count the number of homeless individuals living in shelters, many of these shelters run by the army.
      Local Salvation Army Corps are providing shelter, heating assistance, warm clothes and more for those I need due to historically cold weather in the country The Salvation Army’s center for women and children in Lexington, KY provides 125 beds and has been running over capacity for the past year with a 25% increase in people using the shelter. In New York City, the freezing temperatures have lead the public to the Salvation Army thrift store. Chelsea store manager, Angela Kelly, put together cold-weather ensembles to help families fight the bitter frost of the winter months.
      For 28 years, the Massachusetts Good Neighbor Energy Fund has provided energy assistance to hundreds of thousands of residents who struggle to pay their energy bills and do not qualify for Federal or State energy funds. The fund began in 1985 as a partnership between Massachusetts’ gas and electric utilities and the Salvation Army. The community generously supports this partnership.
      The Salvation Army believes in the philanthropy of its dedicated supporters. People give not because they have to, but because they believe their donations of time and finances will make a difference in the community.The Army has faith that giving will continually increase because as time goes on people understand and appreciate better the struggles ofothers and how t overcome that “it takes a village.”

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