The Importance of Conversation With You!

Mar 12, 2013

Last Friday I attended the Social Media Marketing 101 Seminar at the Courtyard Marriott in Ann Arbor. I found the experience to be very informative and enjoyable not only because of the knowledge I gained on the subject matter but because the people of the people I was fortunate enough to interact with.

Many of the people attending the seminar, like myself, were with companies and organizations trying to broaden their social media audience and to provide their audience with more useful and relevant content. Surprisingly to me many of the people there were on their own personal account. One young man worked on his school’s student activities board and was looking for ways to better keep students informed on upcoming school events and activities.

The host of the seminar was a middle-aged women form New York City by the name of Gerry. She had a thick, New York accent and was very quick to the point with her discussions. Her stories and experiences on the topic were endless and she had a very good sense of humor. She talked about involving the audience with your social media platforms. Being conversational, asking questions and throwing around ideas were all very important she stressed.

That is what I hope to do with our audience. I would truly like to engage you in conversation and friendly debate. Wouldn’t I be fantastic to have deep, meaningful conversations over the Internet on a daily basis? So much can be gained from viable interaction between two parties. If I promise to keep dishing out good, informative content I hope you can promise to keep the conversation flowing.

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